Hello visitor, welcome! Due to the fact that stumbling upon this site is nearly impossible, I can’t resist feeling that you either came here on purpose or Googled me (or stalked?). Either way, I can’t say I’m not flattered. This site is basically just plain and simple contact information.

Currently, I’m working as a Research and Teaching assistant at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (University of Zagreb). I am also pursuing Ph. D. in Computer science in the field of parallel programming/processing and heterogeneous computing.

My research interests can be generalized to these four fields:

  1. Parallelism (processing, programming, programming models)
  2. Heterogeneity (Heterogeneous platforms, SoCs, GPGPUs, Hardware accelerators, Task scheduling)
  3. Functional / Reactive programming (Programming highly heterogeneous and parallel hardware, Actor model, elasticity, resiliency, generic software engineering using functional programming languages)
  4. (Domain-Specific) Programming languages (expressing and automatically detecting parallelism, automatic detection of most suitable platform type (CPU, GPGPU, FPGA) for code execution, optimizing code for specific platform type)

Also of interests are (non-scientific):

    1. Software engineering in general
    1. Ubiquitous computing / Sensors
  1. Software for embedded hardware

Here is my brief CV (not Europass), and link to my university page (contacts included):


University page

Feel free to check out my git repositories at:



Yep, I’m social too!